2004 saw the realisation of 8 or more years of planning to achieve the major part of construction of an earth-sheltered farm house attached to one of the agricultural buildings.




Earth-sheltering means that the house has an earth covering to the roof, the West end and part of the East end. This method of construction enables the house to blend into the landscape whilst also providing benefits in energy efficiency, particularly by achieving a very stable temperature under the earth 'blanket' compared to more conventional construction methods. The shell is mainly concrete to provide a large thermal mass to enable the house to store heat, surrounded by high levels of insulation. 



There are large glazed areas facing South to benefit from passive solar gain in the Winter months, no West windows, only one small North facing window and some East facing windows to get the morning sun. The house is part two storey but with the main living areas on the upper floor.

More details on this form of construction can be found via the Links page, and more photographs chronicling the construction of the farmhouse can be found here