Wildflower Meadows

Environmental Stewardship:

Feldon Forest Farm has been in Countryside Stewardship since 1995 and is now in a new Environmental Stewardship agreement which incorporates Organic Entry Level Stewardship (OELS) and Higher Level Stewardship (HLS).




Some of the features of our HLS agreement include the maintenance of our existing species rich grassland and increasing the area of it by utilising adjacent fields that were previously arable.  Maintenance of the grassland includes mixed stocking with our traditional breeds of cattle and sheep.  The arable features include floristically enhanced 6 metre wide grass margins, with cereal crops grown in a sustainable rotation to provide over wintered stubble and a spring crop following the first cereal.


Pasture maintenance



Included within the scheme is provision for educational access. What this means is that we can offer structured tours for parties of 6 or more by mutual arrangement. There is no charge for these tours. The tour will last at least 2 hours and will involve a walk around the farm to see all the different features of the farm (see rest of web site for details). Groups which have visited us include a local university group studying organic agriculture, our local agricultural college and various natural history groups and conservation organisations. A maximum number for each group of around 20 is preferable. At the end of each tour there will be light refreshments with an opportunity for visitors to ask questions and to purchase some of our farm produce.


If you are interested in arranging a visit please contact us to discuss your requirements. As we are only able to offer a limited number of visits each year early booking is recommended.

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